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  • Full Forklift Cover
  • Protection from the Elements
  • Full Zipper
  • Zips Up Tight
  • Stay Warm & Dry
  • High Visibility Forklift Enclosure
  • Roll Up Side
  • High Quality Forklift Covers
  • Inside Forklift Enclosure Protection
  • Happy Workers!
  • Forklift Cover Zipper
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Forklift Full Cab Enclosure

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Our Full Cab Forklift Enclosure will attach easily to any forklift in seconds. Because we manufacture three different sizes, our universal covers will fit virtually any lift.

We highly recommend our Forklift Enclosures to help insulate your staff from elements outside such and wind, rain and snow as well as distractions and inside irritants such as noise, fumes and dust.

You will maintain profitability with our all weather full cab forklift enclosure because they are perfect for bad weather days and promote general job satisfaction. We have thousands of satisfied Forklift Enclosure customers.

  • Manufactured from ultra clear, UV and scratch resistant PVC 
  • Material is High quality, clear 0.32mm PVC because it works best
  • Each Forklift Enclosure has 2 heavy duty zippers for access
  • Zipper closures at every corner to provide maximum flexibility
  • We use marine grade stitching because it holds up the best
  • Zippered doors on both sides can be rolled up for easy access
  • Webbing re-enforcement at all attach points so these will last
  • Protects operators from rain, snow and other weather elements
  • Our covers help prevent cold air from entering operator compartment
  • Due to outside elements these are great for the warehouse and yard
  • 3 sizes of forklift enclosures are designed to fit all forklifts universally
  • We offer 1 Year Warranty against defects and workmanship
  • Tried and tested, our forklift enclosures will stand the test of time
  • Please view the photos below to select the proper fit for your forklift.